Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How Much Is Too Much?

I'm already filling in for a co-worker on maternity leave and another one who is on vacation, in addition to doing my own shift. Late yesterday my boss asked me to come in early (during a split shift? cruel and unusual punishment!) to fill-in for yet another co-worker who called in sick.

Of course, I couldn't sleep, knowing that I had to get up even earlier than usual, or should be humanly possible. Annoyed when my alarm went off at 2:45am, I hated everything and everyone. In my car, I think I actually felt hatred as I was forced to stop at a red light---anything that would stop this day from coming to an end quicker was making me angry. I glared at the road and silently willed other cars to get out of my way.

The only way I could (attempt to) wake myself up was to blast my stereo until my ears rang, but even then Linkin Park and Marilyn Mason didn't seem angry enough. And the coffee I was pouring down my throat as fast as I could was not enough. I think the only thing that will BE enough is when this hell is over.

Please let the next three and a-half weeks go faster.


Kristin said...

That is so cruel to make you do that during a SPLIT SHIFT. It's bad enough, anyway. So terrible, and i relate to that feeling of hate when the alarm goes off. You and I are NOT morning people! Yours is worse than anything I've had to do , though, that damn split shift.

Colleen said...

Just say no.

Tams said...

I agree with Auntie Colleen but also know the reality. You'll make it! Who need sleep?! If you get too weird, well, you'll never have to sub again. Hang in there!